The first meeting held to form a Golf Club at Virginia was held in the Northgate School of Arts when it was decided to inspect several sites on the following Sunday. The present site was chosen and two brothers Jack and Bert Roach cleared the area, whilst the plans for a 9 Hole Course was designed and drawn up by Mr D A Crawford a Main Roads Engineer who later became Commissioner for Main Roads and Foundation President. This all happened in 1928.

George Maynard and Albert Klemm were the first employees on the course followed by Jack Hall in 1931. Jack later became Head Greenkeeper and was in the employ of the club until his retirement 45 years later.

Sir James Blair the Lieu. Governor of Queensland opened the 9 Hole Course in 1929 and the Hon H E Sizer MLA became patron. Alex Gemmell was the first paid Green Keeper and Professional, appointed in June 1931. He was required to work 32 hours per week on the course and the balance of time he spent as Professional.

During the 1930-31 season the Club had 73 members, 64 Associates and 5 Juniors, the first Club Champion was Mr Wyndham Wilson. In 1933 a large Marque was erected for the Annual Dinner at a cost of 2 pounds, and McWhirters catered a three course meal for 3 shillings per head. Another early report states that the membership had jumped to 80, Associates to 129, and Juniors to 14. The accounts for payment during the month were 59 pounds 9 shillings and twopence. Expenditure was a 2nd hand Spring Cart 4 pounds and a Horse 10 pounds, 60 loads of sand were purchased for 15 pounds.

The 18 Hole Course was opened by Mr John Ross on the 17th September 1933. Mr Ross was a Past President, Life Member and a retired Grazier who also loaned the Club 750 Pounds to build the Clubhouse, which was built by Laurie Bright Snr., his sons Gordon and Laurie Jnr. Mr Bright Snr. was the Foundation Hon. Secretary. At this stage the Members Fees were 5 pounds 5 shillings per annum, Associates 2 pounds 10 shillings with an optional debenture of 10 pounds for each Member and Associate. Mr Rupert Black was hired as Head Greenkeeper in 1934 at 4 pounds per week and Mr Alex Gemmell became full time Professional.